On-site Physical Therapy

On-site Physical Therapy - Synthesis Physical Therapy

On-Site Therapy for Businesses
Quality, tailored, on-site comprehensive program that includes intervention and case management. Intervention consists of primary prevention (minimizing injury risk via annual injury prevention & wellness workshops, musculoskeletal screenings, treatment of minor complaints & exercise prescription) and secondary prevention (triage to determine the need for medical referral, treatment, and rehabilitation after injury). We work one-on-one with Directors to develop a plan of care that meets each company’s budget & needs.

Benefits of on-site services

  • Client/ Industry specific injury prevention education – Reduces risk of developing an injury
  • Timely and appropriate management of minor injuries prevents progression to severe injury.
  • Access to industry specific rehabilitation and conditioning – Results in quicker recovery.
  • Early return to work via restricted duty – Employee can continue their therapy program at the onsite facility 
  • Onsite physical therapy improves employee productivity– No travel or waiting is required so you maximize productivity from your workforce.
  • Reduction of workers compensation premium and related costs – Decreased number of reported injuries results in lower workers compensation premiums, and disability payouts. As days lost to injury is decreased, costs for hiring a temporary or replacement worker as also decreased.