Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, office administrator, domestic engineer (aka stay-at-home parent) or self admitted couch potato BODY SHOP CLASS is for you! Experience simple things you can do at home to enhance movement, improve physical function and prevent injury.

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What’s your GUT feeling?  

Have you had episodes of unexplained pain, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue? Are you struggling with chronic inflammation? Did you know these conditions can be signs of an unhealthy digestive system (gut)? In this workshop you will learn how an irritated gut can wreak havoc on your body and learn proactive strategies that will restore your gut health. This may help you reduce symptoms or eliminate your condition all together! 

Agony of the FEET  

Are your feet aching? Are your first few steps in the morning extremely painful? Have you ever sprained your ankle? Well then, this workshop is for you! The feet and ankles work together to provide support and mobility to the body. When injured, they hamper your active lifestyle. Join us to learn about the most common ankle & foot dysfunctions, their causes and how to decrease the risk of injury by taking some precautions.

Getting on your NERVES!

Experiencing pins and needles type pain in your hand or foot? Been diagnosed with sciatic, carpal tunnel syndrome, or thoracic inlet/outlet syndrome? Well, your nerves may be trying to tell you something. Join us to learn about the most common nerve dysfunctions, their causes and how soft tissue & nerve mobilization can help restore nerve mobility and ease/eliminate symptoms.

BACK in business

Ever had back pain? Been diagnosed with lumbago, back sprain/strain, herniated disc, or stenosis and not sure what it all means? Confused about what activities to do or not to do? This workshop will unveil the myths & truths of back pain, discuss appropriateness of surgery, and teach simple diet & exercise strategies to prevent or lessen a back pain episode.

Brought to your KNEES 

Struggling with stiff, achy knees in the morning? Is running or climbing a flight of stairs now a problem because of your knee pain? Join us to learn about the most common knee dysfunctions, their causes and simple measures you can take to prevent or lessen most knee pain episodes.

That pain in the NECK

Neck pain can occur anywhere in your neck, from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders. It can spread to your upper back or arms. If your neck pain is long-lasting (chronic), you may have trouble coping with daily life. There are simple measures you can take to prevent or lessen most neck pain episodes. Come to this workshop to learn the most common causes of neck pain and how to treat it. 

A chip on your SHOULDER

Can’t raise your arm without shoulder pain? Been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendonitis or impingement syndrome and not entirely sure what it really means? Did you know most shoulder pain episodes are often a result of other problems such as poor posture, neck problems, or overuse. Come learn the common types and causes of most shoulder pain episodes. Learn simple measures you can take to prevent or lessen shoulder pain.

 Injury prevention and management for the performing artist

The whys and whats of dance injury, including when a dancer is at risk for injury are presented in a clear and concise format. The hows to prevent and manage injury are presented with specific warmup, exercise and stretching techniques. 

Dance Teacher/Faculty Workshop Topics

  • The lumbo-pelvic-hip complex - the foundation 
  • Focus on the legs: foot-ankle-and knee area 
  • The scapula-thoracic complex – Foundation for the arms

The Faculty Workshops are series of workshops that focus on information about fundamental movements specific to the core dance techniques. Each workshop discusses the anatomy and kinesiology of a selected region, presented in the context of human motion and dance-specific movement. We will cover boney anatomy, movement at the joints, and muscle actions. Why is it important? What are the common injuries? How do we strengthen this area in dancers? How do we optimize the health and well-being of this region? The how of putting it all together into functional dance technique will be presented in photographs, videos, and demonstration.

5 minute Dance Warm up 

Dancers often neglect adequate warm up for all body regions. We can all find 5 minutes before class. Try this