Welcome to Synthesis Physical Therapy

At Synthesis, we view the human body  as a complex structure with many integrated parts. Client and therapist  work 1:1 to develop a personalized plan aimed at whole body recovery.  The result is a body restored to state of balance and returned to active  an lifestyle.

On-site Physical Therapy

Reduce risk of injury and get immediate assessment of an injury with our on-site Physical Therapy services

Musculoskeletal & Dance Technique screening

The purpose of the screening is  early identification of musculoskeletal inefficiencies or dysfunctions  that could be risk factors for injury.

Wellness Workshops

These classes empower clients to  take control of their lives by teaching them simple and cost effective  solutions for common aches, pains and injuries.

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The Power Of Sleep 

The Power Of Sleep Ahhh…the joy of a good night’s rest or nap. If only we could all get quality rest regularly, then the world would truly be a better place. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true! Short-term sleep deprivation can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and... 


Magnesium: The Powerhouse Mineral

The Powerhouse Mineral So far we’ve discussed how to combat stress and inflammation with  Cherry Juice Concentrate and Omega 3s. This month we will focus on Magnesium, the most critical mineral for coping with stress.